It was ok i guess my back still hurts
Love this place and Amy is awesome
1) cryotherapy works and feels amazing. I've felt a huge difference in my recovery, sleep, and my performance while training. 2) I have left hip, right knee, and left shoulder pain and this literally makes the pain go away 3) the staff is exceptional and practices extraordinary customer service. They really provide more value than what I'm paying. I started with the one week unlimited and I'm hooked for as long as I can do this... thank you Chilled for being an extraordinary business that truly cares about its customers
Love this place. Employees are always helpful, and I feel great post session. On top of all that I burn roughly 800 calories per session. Would strongly recommend!
Absolutely THE best treatment you could wish for! I went for Sciatic nerve pain and couldn't have been happier with the service and treatment 5Star all the way!
Awesome peaceful atmosphere and amazing workers there! And after walking out every pain I had in my muscles and joints went away! Incredible affective totally worth it I recommend it to everyone! Especially athletes
The place is clean and the staff is super friendly. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a cryo place.
This is an organization that demonstrates exemplary customer service. The entire staff--from Pamela, Joe, Laura, and others--are top shelf but also incredibly congenial, and genuine at that. Pamela is such a professional and I highly recommend seeing her. I only recently discovered this spa, and I would visit routinely but I'm moving out of state. These are true empaths and I highly recommend everyone to support this group!
I have had several sessions here and let me tell you that you will benefit from the cryosauna. I have seen improvements in my recovery from intense training from Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, and CrossFit. It even helped with my performance when training. I have also had improvements in sleeping! I used to get up 1-2 times during the night and now the last few nights, I have slept all through the night. The staff are very helpful and friendly. Amy, Jane, Joe, and Kylie were all happy to assist me during my sessions. You have got to try it out! What do you have to lose?
Great service, great people and great recovery therapy
Amazing place! Best recovery i am professional athlete and I really recommend you try the cryotherapy. It's awesome!
Recover like an elite in your very own backyard- so very lucky to have such a world class suite of recovery tools, normally only available to professional athletes, right here in Katy. Normatec and the cryochamber are great for speeding recovery, reducing injury, and enhancing performance from an athletic perspective while there are many additional wellness benefits as part of living a healthy lifestyle. Apart from the physiological benefits I find the atmosphere to be just as valuable for the mind because of the positive, caring, and happy staff. I always leave feeling relaxed, fresh and ready to tackle my next workout or race. Thanks Chilled Cryospa!
I depend on Chilled Cryospa to get me in the game. As a professional martial artist(bjj black belt 2nd degree) and a paratrooper in the Army National Guard, I put alot of demand on my body. Chilled Cryospa gets me back in action to take on the world. I love this place. Jeff Messina Revolution Dojo